A Pinch of Me


3 c. oriental wisdom

Dash of laziness

2 nights of Super Mario Bros Classic, green mushroom included

5 Korean pop albums

2 oz. Mild Depression

10 tbsp. Anime & Manga (without the mature titles)

1 serving of crushed crayons & pens

4 pinches of spicy attitude

2 D50 cameras

3 afternoons of fishing (no puffer fish necessary)

4 capfuls Soy Sauce

Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup for decoration


1 bottle of blond hair dye

5 strands of brown hair

2 skeleton rings, extra glaze

2 squinted eyes


Combine everything but the chocolate syrup in a pot with chopsticks. Stir occasionally until super thick. If the attitude floats to the top, do not stop stirring until it sinks down again. Dish can be served hot or cold, but if served cold, you will taste the depression over all the other ingredients. Do not add cauliflower, balloons, song covers, or rap artists. Those items will cause the dish to spoil a lot faster. When served in a preferred bowl, use the syrup to draw a funny face of your choice. This will add happiness to your dish. Enjoy.


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