Breaking Apart

Done by Moi.

Done by Moi.

I’m certified in Photoshop CS5, but not in CS6, at least, not yet. I do a few things on Photoshop, especially photo manipulation (if you want to see some of my other Photoshop pieces, click the My Art tab above).

This is a breaking apart photo. I looked up a few tutorials on YouTube and had to learn how to do this from a Spanish guy (for the record, I don’t speak a hint of Spanish). The hardest part about  this type of manipulation is the fact that you more than likely have to pull each and every piece out manually. Yes, each of those pieces where taken by the Lasso tool. Its not that it’s hard, it’s just. So. Very. Time Consuming. Something else that was time consuming was finding a stock image that would peak my interest. This woman has a nice little smirk, so I imagined her as the wife of Sandman, a villain in the Marvel series Spider Man (to be honest, the smirk was a mistake. When I preformed a red overlay on her lips and masked part of it out, I sort of chopped off the top of her lip. But hey, it turned out nice, no?). I preformed a number of Overlays for the Eyes, Lips and Skin and only used 2 different textures, Rusty and Cracked Surface.

I think it turned out good for a first timer. I’m sure if I watched a tutorial in English, it probably would have not taken up so much of my time. Then again, I’m on summer vacation. What time do I need?


“True art is ch…

“True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.”
-Albert Einstein

Didn’t expect a man like Einstein to understand true art. Then again, he was one of the smartest men in the world. I believe in every word that is said in this quote. It explains lots of us artist. We can only create true art is we have the desire and determination to do so. If you’re on your arse trying to think of something to create, wasting time because of the common excuse “Artist Block” or “Writer’s Block” then you’re thinking much too hard. I’ve had experience with this before.

I plan on writing a novel for a contest that will help me pay for college and I always get stuck at some point. But once I get an idea (maybe after a day or so) and write it down, it looks like crap and I have to regain the concept of what I was writing. I’m not saying that these blocks are bad and you shouldn’t have them, they are perfectly normal. What I’m trying to say is that if I, for example, had a true urge to write this story, I would 1.) Plan ahead, 2.) write by the guidelines I create for myself and 3.) stick with it til the job is done. Sounds like extra work, but that’s what it takes. Plans are better than just winging it. And 85% of good reads are planned. 90% of famous paintings and sculptures are planned.

Maybe none of you get that from such a small quote, but thats what I got.



Art’s An Addicton

Art's An Addicton

What better to start my blog than this picture? This beauty was drawn by Destiny Blue on Deviant Art. She’s a young designer in the UK and I cannot get over her art.


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