I Apologize

Normally, I would post everyday, but I’m sick and tired of looking for good Templates for sites and not knowing what the heck all those numbers, letters and symbols mean.

So yes, I’m learning how to code. HTML, CSS, PHP, stuff like that. I’ve gotten the hang of HTML so soon I will be learning PHP language and soon enough be designing my own templates. I realized after about 6 days, that Coding can count as a type of art. It’s like… Computer Culture! If that exists.

Hopefully my new skill can cooperate with my love for art and digital design. Only thing getting in my way are funds for good programs. But for now, I’ll stick with Notepad++ and code for free and as long as I feel necessary.  And also, hopefully my new skill can “bring home the bacon” (I learned about this quote in a How To Make Your Own Bacon video and where the actual phrase came from. Pretty interesting… and weird.)




Bubble Guppies


Anyone know that kid show Bubble Guppies? If not, might not want to start watching it. You’ll get sucked in to the adorable madness!

Ahem. Why this kid show you ask? Well I got bored and did a few random searches and came across this show. I looked at the images ( on Google of course) and I noticed a few people who drew the characters in their own perspective. God, they weren’t horrible, it’s just that they were either trying too hard or it looked like a 5 year old drew it (I checked to make sure it wasn’t some little kid who drew it. If it was a little kid, I would say Kudos Kiddo!). So I thought I could give it a try and draw them as teenagers. I tried it, and realized that my favorite characters came out good looking (Gil, Deema and Nonny. Blue hair, Yellow hair and Orange hair.) and my not so favorite came out… Eh. Goby, my second to last least favorite character ( Dark purple haired boy) turned out pretty handsome. As for Molly and Oona (Pink hair and Purple haired girl), not really. I guess I’m good when it comes to drawing men, but I know nothing about their anatomy… I wish I did. All my guy characters would be muscular.

Anyway, I’ll finish the picture, colour it, and post it as soon as I can. Then you guys can tell me what you think.


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