Oh my.

My name is Ashton. I’m not much of a designer, but all types of art are highly addictive. My skin itches for a good piece and if I don’t get what I want, I go through Artistic Withdraw.

Okay not really, But I enjoy art that much. Art is a passion and without it, I’m nothing. Without Art, this world would be utterly boring and have no culture or structure.

Art is seen as unimportant or not a good job choice. But realize this, art is part of every profession. Go on, challenge it, I dare you. Have fun with that and enjoy the blog once you’re done rage quitting.

What’s This Blog About?

Well, at first glance, it might be about some crazy kid who has a crazy addiction for art and he should be put in a nut house because he’s, well, crazy. How can someone possibly be addicted to art?

Well, that’s what this is for. I want to share my love/passion/desire/obsession with the many bloggers who appreciate and share my view. Here and there, I may rant about the idiots who claim to be using art (e.g. Rappers.) and they are really just disgracing the name of poetry… but other than that, this blog is for showing that my generation is capable of understanding what true art holds.

Anyone can throw a soaked paintbrush at a paper and call it art, but true artists breathe their art, live through it as if it is their own lives. Remark on the beauty of their subjects and inspiration.  They understand the concept and share it with their peers, their colleagues, their followers, their fans, and maybe the world.

Sounds crazy. I know. But this blog will show just how much I love art. And maybe one day, when I’m working as an architect for a good firm, I can look back and see what led me to that day. The journey is only beginning, and I don’t plan to stop here.



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